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Get 10% OFF when spending $1,000+

Waff Mini Mat With 800 cubes, Bag & Book - Red

by Waff
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6 Units Per Case
MSRP: $39.99
UPC: 8724520040170

Designed with educational and creative play in mind, the Mini Mat is the latest introduction to WAFF's product offering. The mini mat is sold as a pixelated art kit beautifully packaged with 800 mini cubes, a 10"x10" silicone mat and an activity booklet featuring 10 preset designs. The textile experience combined with the motion of manually affixing cubes to the mat is proven to enhance fine motor skills, foster one's imagination and most importantly, inspire human creativity.
- Create educational games and puzzles
- Create pixelated art
- Stimulates Creativity
- Travel Friendly 

What does the WAFF Play Mat include?

- 1 Soft Silicone Play Mat (10" x 10")

- 800 WAFF cubes (400 black, grey and white, 400 assorted colours)

- 1 activity booklet

- 1 small cotton bag

- Tons of fun!

Product dimensions:

- 6" W x 10.5 " H

About Waff

Inspired by a popular breakfast favorite, Waff gives waffle grids a brand new application. Waff's mission is to revolutionize the mundane world of stationery by offering innovative products that inspire creativity and allow kids and kids at heart alike to create and personalize their own agendas, notebooks and pads. 
Why do retailers love Waff?

Retailers understand the value of differentiation. Waff is a unique, visually striking brand that leaves no customer indifferent. Topped off with the highest standards of quality, Waff is the epitome of modern stationery products.