Entering the scene over 10 years ago, Playview is an innovative toy company focussed on delivering awesome content and industry-leading margins.   

Puzzle pieces for everyone!

Whether you prefer a quick and easy 300-550 puzzle format or a 750-1000 challenging puzzle, Playview is the brand for you! 

It's the perfect activity to keep both kids and adults occupied for hours. Once you've completed your puzzles, you could either frame them or take the jigsaw apart and put it together again.

family puzzle.png
half pallet & floor display 2.jpg


Each of the pallets and floor displays contain a different assortment to keep the rotation fresh  There are 48 designs per pallet in the half pallets (240 total units) and one UPC .


 There are 9 designs per floor display (36 total units) and one UPC.

Optimized assortment ratio - 50% 1000 PCS, 38% 550 PCS & 12% 300 PCS