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Get 10% OFF when spending $1,000+
Get 10% OFF when spending $1,000+

About Us

White Knight Wholesale, a division of White Knight Toys Inc. empowers Canadian retailers of all size and scope with topical, curated and incredibly popular Brands, licenses and impulse products specifically for the Canadian marketplace.

Only Brands that meet a stringent quality and popularity criteria will be offered to ensure stores are presented with a winning strategy. We deny more products than we feature to focus your buying time while maximizing your customer’s impulse purchases.

We provide access and aggressive wholesale pricing on top Brands to allow our clients to meet their margin requirements while remaining relevant in a very competitive retail environment.


About White Knight Toys


White Knight Toys is a full-service sales, retail marketing and distribution company, specializing in creative and highly effective business development for some of the largest Toy and Entertainment properties in the world.


Lead by some of the best and brightest minds in the “new” economy, our focus has always been to adapt, over-deliver and execute at the highest level. With well over 100+ years of combined experience in retail, distribution, product development, licensing and digital commerce, we know who, what, when, where and how to bring products to market. Our collective desire to be the best at what we do is the bond that brings us together.


With over 20,000 points of distribution in Canada alone, we provide turn-key access and unparalleled marketing value in the Canadian marketplace, making us the best kept secret for so many large Brands.


We never stop exploring, researching, cultivating and forging impactful relationships with new suppliers from around the world.