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We are a full-service sales, retail marketing and distribution company, specializing in creative and highly effective business development for some of the largest Toy and Entertainment properties in the world.


Lead by some of the most passionate minds, our focus is to adapt, over-deliver and execute at the highest level.


With well over 100+ years of combined experience in retail, distribution, product development, licensing and digital commerce, we know who, what, when, where and how to bring products to market.


Our collective desire to be the best at what we do is the bond that brings us together.


With over thousands of points of distribution in Canada alone, we provide turn-key access and unparalleled marketing value in the Canadian marketplace, making us the best kept secret for so many large Brands.


We never stop exploring, researching, cultivating and forging impactful relationships with new suppliers from around the world to provide as smiles to kids and adults alike, around the World. 


Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit more about us. ​​My team and I look forward to discussing your specific business needs.​

Scott Jackson

​President & CEO



Scott Jackson

President & CEO

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Marisa Galuppo

Client Services


Alex Ouellette

Brand Management

Email: alex@wk.toys


Alissa Anzarut

Strategic Sales Development


Diane Sirois

Specialty Sales


Inthusha Mylan

Sales Coordination